Article about Heimdall Footwear in Japanese magazine

Heimdall Footwear on Japanese Megazine

Heimdall Footwear has been published in a Japanese magazine right after Kicktarter project ended.

This is a deep article mainly emphasizing about Indonesian leather export that supported by it's citizens and government.

Indonesian leathercraft haven't yet been exposed to many Japanese people even to those salaryman that working in Jakarta. However by using Kickstarter, there's a great chance for exposure. Moreover, The Heimdall Footwear products are considered as affordable shoes according to the Japanese. 

At the last part, the article told the Japanese people that they have to appreciate the Indonesian Craftsmen dignity for a Fair Trade.

We are really grateful for Mr. Masakazu Sawada, the professional journalist from Japan for the amazing and meaningful article, not only for our brand, but to the whole family of Indonesian Leather Craftsmanship.

You can see the article right on this link :